Why Shorthorns
  The Tarlinca Shorthorn Stud was established in 2004 with the purchase of a farm at Denmark, Western Australia. It is a family owned and operated enterprise. The foundation Shorthorns were sourced from various studs, mostly from within Western Australia, but also from across Australia. There are regular infusions of new animals and genetics into the herd.

Shorthorns originated from north east England where they were originally known as 'Durham' cattle. The first cattle of the breed in Australia, also often referred to as Durham cattle, came with the original European settlers. Shorthorns are red, white or roan in colour, and despite the name 'shorthorn' are generally polled.

At the Tarlinca Shorthorn Stud we value the importance and need to visually assess animals for type and functionality, but we also believe it essential that animals are performance bred and that they replicate this performance consistently and reliably in the paddock and on the plate. Hence the stud motto of Functional Performance.

623 Scotsdale Road, Denmark, Western Australia 6333
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